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Ian Lucas

Ian Lucas

Co-Founder & Advisor to the President

Ian Lucas, co-founder and advisor to the president, has a background in financial engineering, technology, entrepreneurship, and military service. His primary mission was to build stronger investment engines to power the portfolios of LMWA’s clients toward the attainment of their goals. LMWA’s portfolio indexes harness unique sources of return that traditional strategies often lack and are the embodiment of his decades of effort to solve the "investing puzzle."

Besides LMWA, Ian also co-founded a financial technology startup, Factor Technologies. While leading Factor Tech through multiple rounds of financing, he received one of the world’s few patents for constructing investment indexes. Factor Tech used its intellectual property to create global stock market indexes designed to provide the opportunity to outperform and serve as the methodologies for a suite of exchange-traded funds. Factor Tech also developed an automated saving and investing platform geared for millennial women, a segment of the population that is poorly served by financial institutions.

Ian served the United States Air Force for nearly ten years. In the role of Air Battle Manager, he was a crewmember aboard the Joint Surveillance Attack and Reconnaissance System aircraft, deploying four times as part of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom and flying more than fifty 10+ hour combat sorties. Subsequently, he became an Air Liaison Officer (part of the highly specialized Tactical Air Control Party field), advising the U.S. Army in Iraq and the Polish Army in Afghanistan for 18 months on the employment of air-to-ground munitions. For his contributions, Mr. Lucas received the Bronze Star Medal.

In 2015, Ian earned his MBA from the University of California at San Diego. Among the many high points of his time at UCSD, his greatest privilege was the time he spent with the father of modern portfolio theory, Nobel-prize recipient Harry Markowitz. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Florida’s Warrington School of Business in 2002.

Ian established his headquarters in San Diego in 2012, along with his two spin-offs, Landon and Reese. Landon (6th grade) and Reese (5th grade) are all-around cool kids and figure skaters striving to qualify for US Figure Skating nationals-level competition in the coming year.