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Making Investing Personal

Given the way most financial companies and commentators talk, you could be left with the impression that investing is all about them, their strategies, and “the market.” But at its most fundamental level, investing isn’t about those things—it’s about you and the positive impact you want to make in this life. After all, money is meaningless if it is not related to what it provides for you, those you love, and the causes you care about. Investment philosophies, policies, and processes simply represent a systematic means of progressing toward your personal goals.

Your investment strategy should be as nuanced as you are. Done right, it will work with other elements of your finances to help you stay on course to achieve your goals when the financial world is turbulent or when life throws you a curveball. LMWA applies creative thinking, advanced tools, and unique intellectual property so that you can live a confident financial life.

Wealth Management

  • Ongoing discretionary investment management
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Tax loss harvesting*
  • Collaboration with CPA, Estate Planning, and Other Professionals
  • Portfolio personalization*
  • Assigned personal financial advisor
  • Assigned portfolio manager*
  • Tiered Asset-Based Fee Schedule

* As individual circumstances apply

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Private Client

All items in Wealth Management, plus:

  • Bespoke portfolio construction with ETFs, Individual Stocks & Bonds*
  • Access to advanced investment portfolios

* As individual circumstances apply

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Founder / Business Owner

If you currently operate your own business, considering starting a business, or are planning for an exit from your current business. We work with you to assess your current situation, identify your objectives, and develop a plan aimed at achieving your goals.

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